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Evidence Based Treatment Services

What exactly is evidence-based treatment?

When we call our treatment model “evidence-based,” we mean that the methods we use have been clinically and professionally researched and have proven to be effective in treating those suffering from substance abuse.  We have incorporated certain therapies and practices into our program that we have seen, in 45 years of providing our services to the Greater Jackson Area and surrounding communities, produce the most positive outcomes.  We use the success rates, post treatment, of clients who complete our program, including active participation in Recovery Support and Alumni Services, as evidence that supports this model.  What we consider success is clients abstinent from drugs and alcohol, and able to resume a happy, productive life.  So, our evidence is based in fact, not theory.  We see it working everyday.

Two of our main goals behind our evidence-based model are higher quality of treatment and increased accountability, so that our clients are undergoing treatments which have been proven more successful.  We utilize a team devoted to quality improvement and clinical development and training to ensure we offer the highest in standards of care.  Our aim is to be clinically effective, as well as cost-effective.  Clients are paying for services that are scientifically sound, and we continually evaluate our methods to ensure we are providing the most highly effectual treatment available.

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