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Asam Assessment And Treatment Planning


The decision to enter residential treatment depends on more than just whether you are using alcohol and other drugs. Each person seeking admission into Harbor House will participate in a comprehensive intake assessment based on the ASAM Level of Care Placement Criteria (American Society of Addiction Medicine). The assessment includes evaluation of the following six life dimensions together to ensure that residential treatment ASAM Level 3.5 or 3.1 is the best option for the person.

  1. Acute Intoxication and/or Withdrawal Potential
  2. Biomedical Conditions and Complications
  3. Emotional, Behavioral, or Cognitive Conditions and Complications
  4. Readiness To Change
  5. Relapse, Continued Use, Or Continued Problem Potential
  6. Recovery/Living Environment

The results of the ASAM assessment are used to create person-centered individual treatment plans based on personal needs, goals and objectives that consider a person’s age, gender, race, ethnicity, language, literacy, spirituality, culture, trauma history and co-occurring physical and mental health issues.

Harbor House High-Intensity ASAM Level 3.5 Residential

Harbor House offers Level 3.5 Residential care with includes 24/7 staff monitoring and supervision. This level of care provides a minimum of 20 hours of group therapy and one (1) hour of individual therapy per week. Clients in this level do not leave the campus for any reason other than outside 12-step meetings, urgent outside medical appointments or other emergency situations that cannot be delayed until discharge from this level of care. In addition, Harbor House offers Level 3.1 Residential care that allows outside supportive employment opportunity and job training as well as a minimum of two (2) hours of group therapy and one (1) hour of individual therapy per week.

Hope Harbor Low-Intensity ASAM Level 3.1 Residential

For those clients who complete their treatment goals in High-Intensity ASAM Level 3.5 Residential or have a lower relapse risk profile, Hope Harbor may be an option. In this level of care, individuals can participate in outside employment, education or other training programs during the day and return to the campus at night. Individuals receive a minimum of five (5) units of service per week which may include group, family or individual therapy, and recovery support services based on personal needs and preferences. Transportation is provided to outside employment, education or other training programs as well as AA, NA and/or other recovery-oriented self-help groups.

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