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In early 2018, The Alumni of Harbor House formed their own Association, True North:  Friends of Harbor House.  In keeping with the “Harbor” theme, they chose True North because they know, unlike magnetic north which continually shifts, true north will guide one’s path from south to north, and back again.  In this way, one might arrive exactly where intended.  As sober, productive members of each of their respective Recovery Communities, the members of True North feel, as Alumni, that they might act as a guide, if you will, a true north, to graduating clients as they transition from an inpatient treatment setting to positive standing in the Recovery Community.  The primary goal, as Alumni, is to support these individuals in their new life, and to let them know that they are not alone.  The Alumni also host many social functions and fundraising events throughout the year, chair weekly 12-Step Meetings for Primary Clients, and once every month, an Alumni member shares their story to the participants in Recovery Support Services.

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