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Recovery Support Services (formerly known as Aftercare)

Harbor House realizes that Residential Treatment is only the beginning to long term recovery. We, therefore, offer a continuing care program, Recovery Support Services, for both males and females upon completion of Residential Treatment Services. As part of post-treatment continuing care, Recovery Support is available. Admission to Recovery Support Services is voluntary (unless court ordered), and requires a two-year commitment. Residential Treatment participants complete a Recovery Support Plan during their stay and attend Recovery Support Services during their last two weeks of Residential Treatment.

The primary purpose of Recovery Support is to provide ongoing peer-focused sobriety-oriented support for participants. It meets weekly and is facilitated by a certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, who monitors client progress and meets with clients on an “as-needed” basis.  These counselors also make referrals to other agencies and organizations for additional services ad support.

Some of the areas that are covered during this phase of treatment include helping clients to take active roles in making continuing recovery plans.  Clients are expected to attend the weekly sessions and 12-Step recovery meetings on a regular basis. They are required to abstain from drugs and alcohol and harmful behaviors, participate in the random drug screening program and have a strong and consistent relationship with a sponsor.

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