Harbor House



Harbor House provides routine on-site physician and nursing services. All clients admitted to the Primary Care Residential Treatment Program undergo a

comprehensive nursing assessment and medical evaluation by a licensed physician. In some cases, the Treatment Team or nursing personnHarbor House Servicesel require that the

client undergo an examination by a Harbor House physician prior to admission. This is done to

make sure that the client has substantially completed detoxification and to make sure that the

client’s medical needs do not exceed our on-site resources.


The medical staff handles minor illnesses and injuries, dispenses medications, makes referrals

for specialty medical, surgical and mental health services, assists clients in establishing

relationships with community-based primary care medical and mental health providers, collects

specimens for drug screens and helps to secure low cost and free medications through drug

company programs.


Medical Services

Specialty Programs- Aftercare, DUI, Family, & Ropes

Residential- Primary, Secondary, Extended


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