Harbor House



Consistent with our mission, Harbor House is committed to creating a supportive and nurturing environment for individuals to begin to experience the benefits of

sobriety and start the healing process. Harbor House’s treatment approach and philosophy is based on evidence based practices and Twelve Step recovery

programs such as that used by Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. We believe that chemical dependency is a treatable disease and that

addiction affects a person biologically, psychologically, spiritually, emotionally and socially. We also know that addiction creates special problems for families

and communities which must be taken into account during the treatment planning process. The unique needs of each individual are reflected in the

personalized treatment plans that are developed for each client.We Believe in Growth


Individuals admitted to Harbor House assume a great deal of responsibility for their care,

treatment and personal growth. They are treated with respect and

dignity and are provided with all available information so that they can make informed

decisions about their care. Recovery begins when clients accept and that they have a problem

and that they are powerless over this disease and that their lives are unmanageable. They

must be willing to go to any length to achieve and maintain sobriety, be honest with

themselves and others and be thorough in examining all areas of their life, including their

relationships and patterns of living. Old ideas and behaviors need to be discarded. These will

be replaced with new healthy skills and coping mechanisms.


An important part of all Twelve Step recovery programs deal with spiritual discovery. Part of the

recovery process is realizing that there is a power greater than the power of each individual.

An individual’s road to prolonged sobriety can best be achieved by developing a relationship

with a Higher Power that is meaningful to that individual. We are very respectful of each person’s

individual spiritual and religious beliefs. Twelve Step recovery programs deal with spirituality, not religion.We believe that what’s important for each individual is

the journey, the searching associated with finding spiritual meaning which will support a solid recovery program.