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The First Step - Confidential Telephone Screening


If you or someone you know needs help, then please call our Admissions Department for a confidential telephone screening. Our staff will guide you through a

brief confidential questionnaire and either schedule you for an onsite assessment with a member of Harbor House’s Treatment Team or refer you to another

treatment facility, agency or organization. If it’s more convenient for you, then you may complete an online Screening Application. If you choose this option, then

a member of the Admissions Department will contact you by telephone within two business days to complete the screening process.Harbor House Admissions


The Second Step – In-Person Assessment


The assessment will be conducted by a member of our Treatment Team. It will take

place at our South Jackson campus (5354 I-55 South Frontage Road East,

Jackson, MS). The assessment will help us understand your drug, alcohol, medical,

psychiatric, legal, social, vocational, family and treatment history. Based on this

information, a decision will be made about whether an admission to Harbor House

is appropriate. If the admission is approved, then the Admissions Department will

arrange an admission date with you. Every effort will be made to schedule your

admission as soon as possible as soon as a bed becomes available.


How long will it take to enter the Primary Care Residential Program?


Admission dates for all of the programs at Harbor House are based on the availability of

beds and the time that it takes to schedule an onsite assessment and to gather supporting medical and other information. A member of the Treatment Team

will discuss your admission date once the assessment process has been completed.


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