Harbor House


Our mission is to offer a continuum of high quality,

affordable and effective chemical dependency treatment

services and programs".ms for adults and their families,

including those who cannot afford private treatment



Welcome to Harbor House Chemical Dependency

Services.  We are proud that we are one of the region’s

premier not-for-profit community-based addiction treatment

providers. Our skilled Treatment Team has delivered

services to over 10,000 individuals since 1973...


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2011 – 2012 Strategic Plan (PDF) - click here



Since 1973, Harbor House has been a leader in providing a continuum of high quality, affordable

and effective community-based addiction treatment services for adult men and women and their

families. We are licensed by the State Department of Mental Health to operate multiple facilities

with a total of 107 beds. 


Our programs and services are designed around evidence based practices and Twelve Step

addiction recovery fellowships such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous and take

place in a highly structured residential environment. The daily regimen focuses on the unique

physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of each client to arrest the disease of addiction

and restore responsible behavior. The goal is to rehabilitate each individual so that they are able to

eturn to the community sober and productive. We treat each client with dignity and respect and

believe that clients need to participate actively in their treatment and rehabilitation.


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If you, or someone that you know, need to be evaluated for

admission to the Residential Treatment Programs at

Harbor House Chemical Dependency Services, then

please contact us at 601-371-7335.


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Consistent with our mission, Harbor House is committed to

creating a supportive and nurturing environment for

individuals to begin to experience the benefits of sobriety and

start the healing process.


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